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Reclaim the Power of your Breath:

A Lung and Metal Element Workshop


In Chinese Medicine, autumn is the transitional season of moving from the heat of summer (extreme Yang) to the cold of winter (extreme Yin). It is associated with the Metal Element, which connects to the Lungs, large intestine, nose, skin and the fascial web that covers the body. It is about taking in and letting go as evident in our ability to breathe and to eliminate. It is our ability to differentiate what we need from what we don’t using the 'metal' that can cut right through things cleanly.


Healing of this element begins with the breath, the basis of all life. It invites in the ability to communicate and when the metal element is in balance, we feel joy, empowerment and decisiveness. Working with Metal can shift shame, grief, lack of motivation, sadness etc.


Reclaim your breath and feel more empowered, energized and alive in your body!

Cost:  $31.50 (GST included) 

Pay directly to John by e-transfer at or by PayPal.

Purchase the whole Five Element workshop series for $157.50

(GST included) by PayPal or e-transfer.

Please contact John at 604-731-5533 or by email at for more information.

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