53 E. Broadway (at Quebec Street) in Vancouver

No Worries

Medical Qigong for Grounding and Comfort

Saturday, October 21st - 4:30-6:30pm


Feeling ungrounded, unsettled or perhaps worried

about your life’s circumstances?


According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, your spleen and stomach are the energetic controllers which support your faith, hope and trust in the process of life.  When they are out of whack, we can worry and over think everything and you start to see it manifest as different symptoms throughout your body.  Why let it get that far?  


By using the power of your own Qi (pronounced - “CHEE” ), or life-force energy, in movement, intention and breath, you will gain awareness on how to support your spleen/stomach and your total body’s health using Medical Qigong.


What you can expect during this workshop:


  • You will learn a series of exercises to support your overall health and well-being.


  • You will learn how to ground your energy using your breath to help you move beyond the stuck energy of worry/over-thinking - the monkey mind mentality.


  • You will experience the power of your intention to shift your negative energy into a more positive, re-affirming energy. 

Cost: $30 if registered by 10/20/17 ($35 at the door)


Register directly with just yoga at

Please contact John at 604-731-5533 or by email at for more information.