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**online or in-person**

Medical Qigong is the study of Qi (pronounced: chee) and how it pertains to healing oneself and is a form of energy medicine.  It is through the control of this life-force energy, both the yin (feminine) and the yang (masculine) that healing begins and can endure throughout your lifetime.  

Each person may have different energetic imbalances causing what appears to be the same type of external disease. Treatment is specific to each patient’s pattern of disharmony.

The intention of each treatment is to move Qi (which when stuck can show up as pain, tension and discomfort), thereby releasing any blocked energy and/or filling any deficiencies to support the body's innate healing processes and bringing harmony to the body, mind and soul.


Some of the benefits of receiving a MQG treatment** are:

  • A reduction of stress levels (lowering of blood pressure)

  • Assistance in relief of pain, illness and/or physical problems including digestive issues, back pain, nerve disorders and cancer (both pre and post chemo)

  • A feeling of calm, comfort and rejuvenation 

Appointment hours for distance or in-person sessions


Mondays :           10:00am - 4:00pm
Wednesdays :      2:00pm -  5:00pm

Thursdays :        12:00pm - 5:00pm

Fridays:              12:00pm - 3:00pm

To arrange your appointment or get more information, please call (604-731-5533) or email John at

In your initial private treatment, you will receive a FREE health assessment to find out exactly how I may best assist you in your treatment.  We will discuss any discomfort in your physical, mental and emotional well-being and what you would like to have assistance with in order to move into a better state of health.

Then, you will receive a 60, 90 or 120 minute professional, healing energy treatment. This is performed as you relax, lying down on a massage table (fully clothed) or in the comfort of your home. Guided meditation is used to assist in your relaxation. The more relaxed you are, the easier it is to support your Qi flow and move through blockages.  


What to expect during your treatment: 

  • Cleansing out any blockages in your energetic channels by working both off the body and with some light touch on the body.

  • Re-energizing your organs and support systems to assist them in your healing process using acupressure and emitting Qi techniques.

  • Balancing out the Yin and Yang energies within your body and your energetic field - leaving you refreshed and reinvigorated.


**For long term benefits, a regular practice of Qigong is recommended.


60 min, 90 min and 2 hour 

appointments available.

 Click link above for pricing. 

I offer treatments in my beautiful healing space in Vancouver's West End or long distance via Zoom. 

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