Outdoor Qigong

Wednesday mornings 10:00am -11:00am PDT


 Qigong (pronounced: Chee Gong) is a 5,000 year old Chinese healing movement practice, considered by many to be a moving meditation. It combines slow flowing exercises with deep breathing and a calm meditative state of mind. Qigong has helped millions of people reduce stress, relieve pain and move beyond illness. It is fun, easy and gives you more energy and vitality to go about your day.


We will create a safe, physically separated space to do our practice taking advantage of the fresh air and social connection of being in one circle. 

What to expect:

60 minutes of spiritually-focused, healing movement practice with a touch of laughter for good measure.

All questions answered afterwards to aid in understanding. 

Class Schedule:  (All classes are weather permitting)


Where:     Douglas Park  801 W 22nd Ave, Vancouver

                (East side from community centre)

When:      Wednesdays from 10-11am

Cost:        $20/person (drop in - prepayment requested)

Contact:   604-731-5533

Remaining Scheduled dates for 2022:  ONLY 2 remaining!

September 14th and 21st


***Register by sending an e-transfer of $20 to johnfweiss@me.com by 9am the morning of the class***

Please contact John at 604-731-5533 or by email at johnfweiss@me.com if you have questions.  

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