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Below are a few of the favourite videos of my clients.  Feel free to view them as often as you would like.  If you would like to see the complete list of my videos, please check out my YouTube channel. 

Qigong for Eye Health and Vitality

Chinese Healing Massage to Support Eyesight

If you have trouble with your eyes due to eye strain or overuse, then use these acupressure points to help stimulate Qi and blood flow and increase the vitality in your eyes.  

Qigong for Insomnia

"Old Man Searching for the Reflection of the Moon in the Bottom of the Tide Pool" Exercise

If you have trouble sleeping due to a spinning mind or intense emotions, try this exercise to help you sleep better. I recommend you do this for 10 minutes a day before bedtime for at least a week for best results.  

Qigong for Anxiety and Stress

"Heart Healing Sound" Exercise

If you have a lot of stress and anxiety in your work and/or in your life and relationships, this short video will show you how to quick shift that out.  Feel free to do this healing sound for up to 1-2 minutes and then stop and check in.  If need be, repeat it for another 1-2 minutes.  

Qigong for Pain Release

"Chinese Self Healing Massage" Exercise

In this video, I will show you three points on the body, which help you release pain.  This can be from headaches, neck and/or shoulder pain or emotional pain and mental anguish.  

Qigong for More Energy

"Earth Qigong" Exercise

Feel like you could use a boost of energy.  Try this exercise called Earth Qigong, a wonderful breathing meditation in relationship to Mother Earth.  Feel the endless energy flowing up through your feet to fill your entire body.  Do this exercise for at least 9 breaths.   

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