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QIGONG - PERSONAL TRAINING (online or in-person)


  Is a class or workshop not the right forum for you?

  Would like to go deeper into a specific life situation?


Qigong Personal Training is great for individuals that are:

  • dealing with stress, anxiety and/or depression.

  • in sedentary jobs who want a gentle way to feel healthier with increased vitality.

  • recovering from an injury or serious illness and want to speed up recuperation time.

  • looking for more life balance (body/mind/spirit connection).

  • seeking an alternative way to support health and well-being.

Some of many benefits to private, personal training sessions with me include:

  • Personalized assistance to support you and your goals

  • More time to work at your pace to maximize the healing benefits of Qigong for YOU!

  • Develop a personalized healing routine for you to do on your own with or without video.   (Additional fee may apply)

Initial session is 75 minutes

(15 minutes FREE) for intake and discussion of needs and intentions of session(s)



Sessions take place either online via Zoom or in-person.

Call 604-731-5533 or email for more information or to schedule an appointment.

I am an internationally certified Medical Qigong Practitioner- Master's level from the International Institute of Medical Qigong (IIMQ) in association with Henan University (China).  My certifications include Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy, Energy Healing Medicine and Healing Movement Coaching. 


I have been immersed in my love of movement for more than 15 years.  My passion is to explore and share the wonderful resources and tools that human movement provides to enrich life and heal body, mind and soul. 

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