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QI DAY 2018 at the Atrium Inn

2889 E. Hastings Street (Near PNE)

Qi Day - A Weekend of Celebration of Qi (Chi)

Sat. June 16th and Sun. June 17th from 9am - 5pm

Qi Day is an organized event founded in 2016 by Jacob Larmour and Caroline MacGillivray to promote awareness and increase educational opportunities for the general public to learn about the healing aspects of Qi (Life Force Energy) and TCM. Over the past 2 years, we have introduced and supported over 1,000 people with classes, treatments and information. We would love to have you come and join us for our 3rd annual event this June.    

During this FREE public event, participants can try Qigong classes, experience 15-20 minute energy healing treatments (details below about longer treatments) and dialogue with professional teachers and healers in the many options to support one’s own healing journey based in the principals of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).


If you are interested in a 15-20 minute energy healing treatment, please contact Caroline MacGillivray at  Please be sure to let her know what day and time works be for you.  All the mini-treatments are scheduled between 2pm and 5pm each day.  

As a new addition to our event this year, we are coordinating with Wendy Lang’s Empty Mountain Shamanic Chinese Medicine School to offer twice daily FREE 90-minute Energy Healing Treatments. These treatments will happen over a three day period from Friday (15th), Saturday(16th) and Sunday (17th) at 9:45am and 11:30am. Anyone with any kind of non-contagious disease, disorder, complaint or syndrome can join us for a treatment. Or, this can simply be an opportunity to experience the power and magic of a Medical Qigong session from a group of highly trained students and practitioners.  Please contact Wendy directly to register at 


These longer sessions fill up fast so please contact Wendy as soon as possible to reserve your spot!  Please be sure to give your name, contact info and preferred date and time for your treatment.  (These treatments are now completely booked...sorry!)

NOTE: You are invited to choose either a 90-minute OR a 20-minute treatment. We want to have as many people as possible experience this amazing gift from our volunteers so please pick only one option. Thanks!

For more info about our 2018 event, please visit our website at

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