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1318 Cartwright Street on Granville Island in Vancouver

Medical Qigong - Healing Through Movement

Wednesday mornings 10:45am-12pm

Each week, you will learn about the many aspects of Medical Qigong with a focus on balancing and harmonizing the different organ systems within the body. This involves cleansing, re-energizing and balancing out your body on all levels - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, leaving you feeling relaxed and revitalized. We will have a soothing meditation to give you another way to enliven the body, mind and spirit. All fitness levels are welcome. Chairs are provided for those that need them. 


This healing practice is perfect for you if:

  • You want to increase your energy level and overall vitality

  • You want to take control of your own healing journey while learning how to lower your stress and anxiety levels.

  • You would love to learn an easy series of movements that you can do on your own to support your health and well being .

CLASS SERIES:  Ongoing until May 29th, 2024

Drop in $15 (GST included)

Please feel free to click the link below or contact False Creek CC directly at 604-257-8195 ext. 1

Medical Qigong for Spring 2024: Apr. 10th - May 29th

Please contact John at 604-731-5533 or by email at for more information.

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