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How would you like to receive your own personalized workout to support your particular health concerns using Medical Qigong?


Healing is something, which is very personal and unique to each one of us.  I believe that you are more powerful than you realize with the potential to use your Qi (chee) or life-force energy to make amazing changes in your life, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  You may just need a little hand holding along your healing journey and I would love to offer my assistance to you.  ​


I can prepare for you a 15-20 minute personalized workout to do daily to support your healing journey for $95.


This includes all of the following :

  • A 20 to 30 minute phone consultation (to get more clarity on your particular health issues and goals). 

  • An easy-to-follow booklet with all your exercises described and explained.

  • A 75-minute in-home demonstration* of your exercise routine     

  • OPTIONAL: A second one hour in-home demonstration* to review and answer any questions.  Add $40 (payable at first visit)

                              (*Vancouver residents only)


Call 604-731-5533 or email for more information or to schedule an appointment for the consultation.

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