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Moving Beyond Good Intentions in 2015

As we start a new year with all the hopes, dreams and possibilities for growth that we envision making this a year, many good intentions (or resolutions) are made. Now, a little over one week into the new year and we may be feeling the pressure to commit, to move forward with some actionable steps. WOW...this can be tough. I would like to offer a few suggestions to help you move forward and make 2015 the year you follow through on your intentions.

First, consider taking some deeper introspection with regards to your intentions. What do you hope to accomplish? Why do you want to do it in the first place? What need does it fill? Make a list or do some writing. Notice if there is a strong enough desire to support you moving forward. It is okay if the desire isn't just need to know that and then if you REALLY want this have to dig deep within yourself to bring it forth with good enough reasons. The important thing is to find the source of the desire so that you have a good understanding of WHY you want to move forward AND this will help keep you going during the challenging times.

Second, once you find the desire you need to move forward, it will be important to establish a way to hold yourself accountable. As you move forward, you are likely to experience bumps in the road, which are simply a part of living. You just want to make sure the bumps aren't taking you out of your rhythm completely.

There are many ways to hold yourself accountable. Here are a few:

1. You could set up benchmarks to move towards...checking them off as you complete each one. Make the benchmarks clear and concise so that you know where you want to be by a certain time and/or date. And allow some joy within the process to make it fun and enjoyable (see below for an idea on that).

2. You could find an accountability partner to hold you to the fire (to the level you mutually agree on). A good path traveled is best with a friend or associate who is doing something similar. If you can support each other then, you will both have a better chance of getting your intention completed.

3. You could create a gratitude jar. What is that, you may ask? Well, this can be any type of container (a glass resealed jar is best), which you fill with daily, written moments of gratitude for what you are doing in your life. Why not take the time to celebrate the big (and little) successes along the journey? A life full of gratitude is one that is open to more. Some example include: someone treated you for dinner - write it down and put it in the jar. Someone gave you a lead on something you are looking to do - write it down and put it in the jar. You took step in the direction of your intention - write it down and put it in the jar. There are endless ways to celebrate and make this a fun journey, plus you can go back and read them if you are feeling a little down about fulfilling your intention. Good reminder that life is rich and full of little treasures.

Lastly, once you have completed an intention replace it with another. Allow yourself to use the momentum you have going for you to move you towards something else you want/need on your journey. Continue to check in, celebrate and do the things which support yourself in the most authentic way. We are each unique, creative individuals that have our own needs and desires. If we continue to give them as much energy as possible, we ALL win because we are co-creating a world of happy, engaged people honouring their soul's desire.

Let's make 2015 be a year of transformation and growth for yourself and all the people in your life. You can make that happen by following your desired intentions with the gusto they deserve. Your amazing spirit is on this Earth for a reason. Find and follow it through. You are not alone. Don't forget: there are many people cheering for you!

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