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Finding Calm in the Storm

There seems to be a lot of general fear (dare I say - panic) right now about our health and wellness and it is causing a lot of stress and concern about how to best support ourselves and our loved ones. Let me share a few ideas from a Shamanic Chinese Medicine (SCM) perspective.

1. Fear, worry and our negative thoughts are strong vibrations, which pull energy towards you. Healing can't happen in a fear state. This is not to blame anyone for being fearful at the moment, but to simply say that we will need to transform the information as a result of this fear into something that drives action to rectify it.

2. Healing happens on multiple levels not only the physical. True healing in SCM on the physical, energetic (emotional) and spiritual (thoughts) levels. To support well-being and vitality, we will need to look at all 3 levels and see where we are blocked.

3. Strengthening the body and having strong Wei Qi fields (protective fields of Qi, which surround the body) will limit your exposure to pathogens and undesirable energies, thereby creating more vitality and well-being.

It is with all of this in mind that I offer you a video in support of the Lungs called Lung Organ Massage exercise. I invite you to be proactive during this virus outbreak to do this exercise everyday to increase your Lung Qi. I have also made a video for the Liver Organ Massage if you would like to try it.

Here's to good health and vitality this Spring!

Blessings, John

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