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Accessing your Higher Guidance  (and how to make it fun!)

I have been reflecting on the idea of spiritual guides a lot recently. I feel like my life has been blessed with guidance for a greater purpose quite often and I continue to check in with them so I don't have to stumble and fumble so much.

Do you ever have a sense of that "something" is watching over you with a benevolent intent and purpose? It feels to me that we all have that and the only way to really witness or hear it is if we are willing to get really still and quiet. Unfortunately, in this busy world, we don’t always take the time to slow down because this, that and everything else pulling on our energy.

One way, among many, to find your way in to this higher flow of energy is through meditation. The intention of any meditation practice in my view to the bring in a stillness within the mind and begin to let the voices of truth, be it your higher self or even something divinely higher engage with you. That way, you can actually get that advice AND inspiration AND intuition AND help you need to proceed through life’s uncertainties.

There are so many ways to meditate in this world and it is important to find your way. Let your practice be interesting, invigorating and supportive for you as well as enjoyable, but let yourself not strive for an expected outcome or destination. Accept of what is happening. It doesn’t have to be a sitting torture scenario however, especially, if you have trouble initially sitting quietly for any extended period of time.

Remember the intention is to quiet the mind and bring the focus inward. So, meditation based on that definition can be a moving practice like intentional dance or free-form movement. There are many options of this like Dance Divine or 5 Rhythms. However, you can simply put on some music with no words or words you don’t understand (to keep your focus inward instead on the lyrics) and let yourself move. Don’t try to plan your movements, just let your body decide. Maybe your heart can lead for a while, then your feet, then your hips, then your right elbow, whatever draws your interest. The best trait you can bring to this exploration is your sense of curiosity for what is new and real in the moment for you.

Perhaps, you would prefer to go for a walk in nature. Notice your breath as you walk. Feel the sun and wind as it hits your face. Become aware of something you wouldn’t normal pay attention to and once again get curious about it. Or, stop and sit to watch the world go by.

Another meditative option is to dive deeper into a hobby of yours. Give yourself time to get lost in some photography, painting, knitting or maybe a sport like biking (for fun, not for transport). Bring that sense of newness to it and see what is drawing your attention and follow that impulse.

Of course, you can always consider the idea of sitting in stillness. If you find it hard to simply sit and allow the mind to quiet you might want to stand up and shake a little to release the tension in the body before sitting back down. You may want to consider starting with a guided meditation practice as a way to dip your toes into this form which is especially good for a beginner or for someone who struggles to quiet the mind. There are many sources out there in the world. Here is one I recorded. It doesn't have to be long, simply let yourself breathe and follow the guidance that is offered. If you wander, then be gentle with yourself and let it flow. Don't judge or feel you are doing it wrong. Let yourself just watch what it happening. Let your mind play with those images. Be curious! If you remain stuck focusing on other things like your daily tasks or what you need to do afterwards, then take a breath and say "Quiet" as you inhale and "Relax" as you exhale. Repeat until you feel a sense of relaxation come into your body. Remember your mind wants something to do, then give it something to do.

Most importantly, meditation is about surrender. Surrendering to the unknown, thereby allowing yourself to bring in new awarenesses from a higher perspective. Give your body, mind and soul the break it deserves from time to time. Let yourself simply be. It may be the best thing to do when you are busy.

I would like to leave you with these words from Eckhart Tolle - “Life isn’t as serious as the mind makes it out to be.”

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