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Six Healing Sounds to Move Qi and Build Vitality

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), one of the best ways to move stuck energy in the body is through sound. This creates a resonance in individual organs or the body as a whole much like shaking a tree to get something like a kite out of it. The ancient Chinese through keen observation found that certain sounds help support different organs. They focused on the 5 main organs of the body known as the Yin organs. They are the Liver, Heart, Spleen/Pancreas, Lungs and Kidneys. Each of them have a sound that shakes and releases stuck Qi. In order to balance the whole body each sound is made at least 3 times and for severe inflammation or excess, they can be done up to 24 times each.

As the title refers to, there are six healing sounds so the final sound is focused on the Triple Warmers (or Burners). This a TCM construct and is not something we have in western medicine. It refers to the three containers that hold and regulate the internal organs. The upper burner is located in the upper chest housing the Heart and Lungs. The middle burner is located in the abdomen housing the Liver, Spleen, Pancreas, Stomach and Gallbladder. The lower burner is located in the pelvic area housing both intestines, the Urinary Bladder, reproductive organs and the Kidneys (even though they aren't located in the pelvis).

Here are the Healing Sounds for each of the organs:

NOTE: Different traditions have slightly different sounds for the organs. These are from a Daoist traditional P.O.V.

This is usually done starting in an ascending, then finishing in a descending tone. This sound is to help move emotions like anger, frustration, jealousy or sensation like feeling blocked in your forward movement in life.

This is done in a straight tone. This sound is to help move emotions like anxiety, shock or stress. It can also help with bringing in more calm and promoting a sense of peacefulness.

Spleen/Pancreas - Whoooo

This is done in a straight tone as well. This sound is to help move the emotions of worry, mistrust or from over-thinking your life.

This is done with closed mouth, teeth together and like a hissing sound. This sound is to help move the emotions of grief, sadness, disappointment or feeling shame or blame inward or outward.

This is a two-part sound Chr (pronounced like "sure") with a flat back and then as you make the "eeee" sound, you round the lower back to feel the vibration in the Kidneys. This sound is to help move the emotions of fear, insecurity or sensations of loneliness.

Triple Burners - Heeee or Sheee

This has two options and is done as a descending sound. This sound is helpful in balancing out the heat within the body as well as strengthening your Wei Qi (protective Qi) fields of energy around your body.

Working with the sounds only is a great cleansing exercise for the body. By adding colour to the exercise you can make this whole process more balancing and harmonizing. Use the following colours for the organs:

  • Liver - Green (blue/green like a pine forest is perfect)

  • Heart - Red (or pink for high blood pressure)

  • Spleen/Pancreas - Yellow (or golden light)

  • Lungs - White

  • Kidney - Dark blue or black light

These sounds are safe to do on a daily basis. I would suggest trying them 3x each and then if you would like to do more move up in increments of three. Be sure to not do more than 24x each as this can be a big shift for the organs. Each of the above sounds also has a posture/movement associated with it. I have included links to a video for each sound so that you can practice as often as you would like to. Enjoy!


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