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Exiting the Bog of Emotions

I have been thinking a lot about how life can get bogged down by our emotions and thoughts about things that most often never happen. We worry. We get anxious. We get frustrated and angry about perceived wrongs. Then, we notice that at this present moment that we are here safe

and sound and all that fretting did was block our Qi and possibly make us sick and disconnected from the present - the only place we truly live.

I feel like if we could live and be in the energy of love that is all around and deep within us, we could begin to shift the energy within our lives in amazing ways. This is the challenge I have given myself. There is no deadline and requirement to be a certain way as this is a life journey for me. I simply want to pause more to bring in a deeper awareness within each situation.

  • How can I shift my thoughts now into a more loving place?

  • What would make this situation the highest learning for all involved (not pleasant always, but definitely highest learning)?

  • Where is my highest self in this situation?

As I continue to ask myself these and other questions to find my greatest potential for learning and growing, I can begin to find more joy and love to share with others and perhaps they can do the same.

If you feel called, I invite you to challenge your preconceived ideas and perceptions about what your life is and how it effects others. It isn't about being in a perpetual happy space (emotions aren't good or bad - they just are), rather it is about seeing if you can reach a higher place of Divine Love beyond the energy of I'm grinding out my life everyday. Instead, we can let our thoughts and emotions inform us that something is awry and we need to slow down and be in the mess, hopefully from a higher point of view.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this and how you might be doing this work (or better yet, play) in your life.

Many blessings and much love,



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