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2019 - A Year of YES!

As we begin a new year and all the new possibilities that it entails, I thought I would offer a few ways to support making this year a GREAT year for us all Everyday you a given, whether you are aware of them or not, a lot of opportunities to do something that is different, new, exciting, challenging and/or expanding to your present state. Many of those opportunities are passed off as not important or too time-consuming or too scary or too uncomfortable.

Perhaps in 2019, you can say YES to some of those scary, time-consuming, exciting things and see what happens. With the intention to move forward towards your highest good, let yourself see what would make you happy, healthy and whole. By bringing in a little more awareness and action, you will help to stimulate your Qi flow in ways that support your growth and well-being. It will give you a sense of accomplishment and will open the higher healing vibrational energies, which are now latent.

So perhaps consider....

Saying Yes to learning - We can really make a HUGE difference in our lives if we are willing to learn something new. That can be learning from our mistakes, learning from our successes, learning a new way to do something or learning about our relationships (intimate and otherwise). Learning is about growing into a more purposeful and authentic soul. It is never wasted time, when we are taking the time to learn about something that feeds our highest purpose.

Saying Yes to supporting - In our lives there are multiple opportunities to assist someone in need. That can be a friend dealing with a particularly troubling situation or a senior citizen having trouble with opening a door or carrying her groceries or a homeless person who could use a bit of acknowledgement through a kind word or a bit of money. We are communal beings who need each other to survive though we spend a lot of time ignoring each other in our day-to-day activities. Reaching out from time to time without feeling a need to be rewarded can be its own reward. These little actions of kindness can fill your reservoir in such a lovely way and the growth from being a person of loving character can support you as well.

Saying Yes to passion - In our busy lives, we can push away a lot of our individual needs and desires with a simple excuse that I will get to it later. Consider making 2019 the year you don't say later, but allow it to happen now. We all have many commitments that require time in our schedules AND we also need to fill the well if we hope to complete them. By giving yourself, as a part of your schedule, some time to move forward with that dream you have. Let it be about honouring your heart and deepest imaginings. Even a small step towards your passion can leave you feeling revitalized.

There are so many other things you could say YES to this year. Let your imagination flow and give yourself permission to step into your highest purpose in a bigger way. There is no special way to do this, let it simply be about the attempt to grow in ways that give you a strong sense of appreciation for each day and opportunities that await you.



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