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Taking time to Dream the Dream

Spring is beautiful season of growth and renewal after the winter's energetic down time of hibernation. Here in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, we are seeing it with all the daffodils, cherry blossoms and trees beginning to show signs coming back to life.

All this growth and renewal is a happening within as well. Your body's energy is awaking on all levels, therefore it is a perfect time to let yourself take stock in the areas of your health and well being that need a little attention (a spring cleaning if you will).

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you actually get started. For best results take out a piece of paper and pen and write them out so that you can refer to them afterwards.

• Where would I like to put more of my energy in helping myself become healthier this Spring?

• What would this "new" me look like, feel like and be like? Give it as much detail as you can.

• Why is that important to me? Why do I want it? Be as specific as possible.

• What would your life be like if all this happened to you?

If you really want change in your health (or anything for that matter), you need to know where you are going and have compelling reasons for going there. If the energy in your answers above doesn't have you feeling excited about the possibilities before you, then you probably don't have the energy to actually move forward on your dream. Don't despair. Just review your answers and get clearer on the why question. Why do you want that dream. Make a list of those whys. Help yourself find the REAL reasons for wanting to be healthier. For example, maybe you want to be able to be more physically active or play with your grandchildren or move beyond pain and limitation.

If you are really driven to get somewhere on your healing journey, then allow yourself the time to dream the dream of what that could be. We can get so caught up in the current situation that we lose hope and sight of the dream and the goal of moving forward. Even if you are only able to get half or a quarter of the way there, isn't that so much better than not at all. And maybe, just maybe, you might make it ALL the way there. Your dream is what helps you get up in the morning. Fall in love with your is what makes life exciting, worth living and springs you forth!

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