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Qigong and the Chakras

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which Qigong is a part of, there are three main internal energy centres rooted deep within the body along the center core called dantians (pronounced - Don Shen) and they act as energetic reservoirs for your Qi (chi - life force). These three dantians are connected together by a core a white healing light called the Taiji Pole. This pole of light flows through the body's center core coming out of the head to flow high above you and coming out of the perineum to flow deep beneath you.

It is within this Taiji Pole that the TCM concept of the Chakras exists. These energetic vortices support the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of the self. They are a vitally important in the healing journey that one has throughout their life. While there is a lot of focus on the seven chakras of the yogic tradition, in TCM, we also focus on chakras eight and nine.

Chakra #8 is the first of three Heavenly Transpersonal Chakras and is located about a foot above the top of the head (or the 7th chakra). It is associated with the spiritual energy of the Hun (the spirit which lives within the Liver). Your Hun is a spiritual guide that supports your Shen (Heart spirit) in your day to day living. It is symbolized by the Green Dragon. It is the dream spirit that flows outside of the body to give you messages in the dream state of REM sleep.

Chakra #9 is the first of three Earthly Transpersonal Chakras and is located about a foot underneath the ground. It is associated with the spiritual energy of the Po (the spirit which resides in the Lungs). Your Po is the spiritual guide that supports the basic energy of survival with tenacity found in all animals. It is symbolized by the White Tiger. The Po is about grounding the physical body into the base essences that take the form of the senses - hearing, sight and tactile sensations.

When you are doing your Qigong, yoga practices or simply in a quiet meditative moment, try to begin to incorporate the chakras above and below the main seven into your awareness practice. These additional chakras can help you take your awareness and focus beyond the energies of your body and into the energies you have all around you. This healing energy is powerful and essential in protecting you from harm. If you have a strong Wei Qi (the protective Qi field around you) then you are able to support the healing that is happening within you. You need balance and flow both inside and outside to maximize your healing potential.

Here's to a wonderful healing journey for you and your loved ones. Be well.

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