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The Fire Element

There are 5 elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and they are Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. They each have a story with many different aspects about how they support your healing journey. They also are interrelated in how they effect each other.

This month I am focusing on the fire element because it is manifested at its maximum during the summer season. When we look at the fire element in the body, it is best represented by the Heart, which contains your spirit and your enjoyment for life. All organs have a partner that form a yin-yang relationship. The heart, which is yin in nature, is partnered with the small intestine, which is yang in nature.

The fire element is unique in that it has two systems it represents within the body when all the other elements have only one. This being the circulatory system (heart/small intestine) and the endocrine system (pericardium/triple burners). Both are responsible for brightness of our spirit, which holds the flame to guides us down the path to our life purpose.

When your fire element is balanced and whole, you have good spirit, strong intuition and enthusiasm for life. You seem to meet the right people at the right time in the right place. However, when you fire element is unbalanced and fragmented, you lose faith in yourself and others and in life in general. You feel helpless and unable to help others as well. A great way to help stoke your fire is by honouring your heart. Consider using the sound of the heart, which is laughter. See if you can find the joy in life, even in the small things. If you are feeling stressed or anxious, try the healing sound of "ha", which is said as a sighing sound. Also, try giving yourself a break by being more loving and forgiving. The phrase, "patience in a virtue" is one that honours your heart's fire. Be well and enjoy this fire season of summer.

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