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The Metal Element

There are healing five elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine and they are metal, water, wood, fire and earth. I have written about both fire and earth over the last couple of months. Now, it is time to dive into the amazing metal element, which is represent by the season of autumn.

This healing element is symbolized within the body by the partnership of the lungs (yin organ) and the large intestine (yang organ). These organs are about the idea of taking in and letting go, not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. Try imagining to breathe only by inhaling. After a while, you would die because you haven’t exhaled and let go of any of the toxins held in the lungs. This is what the metal element is all about…letting go of the non-essentials (like toxins or heavy emotions). One example of this letting go is when we grieve. A sign of the metal element being out of balance is grief and sadness, which can develop into depression if not resolved. When we are able to truly honour our grief and sadness by feeling it fully, then we can begin to release it’s hold on us and allow it to transform in due time.

The metal element is also about integrity and a having a strong set of principles. It helps us differentiate what we need and what we don’t. A person with well balanced metal element is well organized, self-disciplined and conscientious.

As a way to support healing within your metal element, you can begin by looking no farther than your breath. Our lungs having an amazing function of pulling in the Qi that we need and distributing it to the heart and blood supply to expand throughout the whole body. The breath can also shift any emotional state that is unsettling and begin to transform it into something else.

Try this out for a few moments: Sit comfortably with your feet firmly on the floor and your back upright. Place your hands on your navel (one hand on top of the other). Take a series of long, slow, deep breaths. Let go of anything not supporting you fully and see it leaving as dirty grey smoke out of your mouth. As you inhale, imagine yourself filling with white healing light (the healing colour for the metal element). Begin to let your relax into this action of simply breathing. Then, after about a minute or two, notice how you feel. Take stock in your present state. Enjoy and honour yourself.

Another way to support your healing of the metal element is by dealing with any issues you cannot resolve directly with others, or for old issues with yourself. Try to write them out on paper, being as specific as you possibly can. When you have completed this then burn the paper to symbolically release the content. This is a great “letting go” activity. Of course, please be safe when burning anything so as not to harm yourself or the environment.

I wish you a wonderful Autumn and a great season of rejuvenation of your metal element.



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