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2017 -  A Year for Love and Gratitude

This year, at its surface, looks like it will be a year of huge uncertainties and frustrations. We can easily get caught up in the craziness of external events and make them our internal stresses. I know that is what I have doing as of late and I want to make changes in that approach. Does that resonate for you? For me, it came to a head on November 8th, 2016 and the US Presidential Election. I was certain that my worst fears would not be realized. This couldn't happen, could it? As I watched the election returns on CBC, CNN and other networks hoping for a different outcome, I began to realize that it WAS happening and I wasn't prepared for it, mentally and emotionally. For the next 3-5 days, I was in a deep depressive-like state completely caused by my thoughts on this event and how it would effect me and those I care about. As I continued to work through all the different scenarios of how this was/wasn't our reality, something hit me like a ton of bricks. THIS IS ACTUALLY HOW IT IS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN! While I am still ebbing and flowing through my emotions and thoughts, I am getting clearer and clearer that in the face of this sexist, homophobic, racist as well as the vile actions and speech of Donald Trump and some of his supporters (though not all), I (we) need to double down on LOVE. It is the Yin and Yang. When the Yang becomes too powerful and overbearing in its approach and demeanor, then the Yin needs to step up to bring balance from the opposite side, which is love, compassion and integrity. There are SO many problems in this world that can be solved through more love in the world, not more hate. I realized that we can start with our relationships. Ask yourself: How can I bring more awareness into my romantic, professional and social relationships so we can be more supportive and less divisive? How can I be proactive in my relationships to increase the level of joy, fair-mindedness and trust? How can I start from a place of being open to differences and less judgmental? And so on and so on. I am truly starting to get excited about the possibilities of moving forward in this environment. I know there will be frustrations and frankly just that is a part of life, however, I want to use this time, my time, as a chance to really follow the light and mantra of "do on to others as you would have done onto you". There is a sense that the changes we are hoping for will need this strong, albeit confrontational, Qi to catapult us into a more balanced way of living. Will it be easy, I think that is a big NO. Will it be worth it, that is a big YES! Here are some suggestions for you to consider if you feel the same way. 1. Create a small group of individuals to brainstorm and then activate a solution to a problem. It is more fun to work along side others in a creative, healing endeavour. 2. Check out the new group called the LOVE ARMY started by Van Jones, a journalist in the USA. This is in the very beginning stages of development on finding ways to bring in more LOVE into the discussion. Check it out - HERE. 3. Take a moment, a few minutes, an hour or more and work in the energy of gratitude. Let people know what you like or love about them. Or better yet, start with yourself and take some time to sit and spread the love in your life. What are you grateful about yourself? Be creative and lose the judgment for a little while, you can bring it back later if you still want it. It is always easier to give what you have, so fill the well and then share baby share! These are just a few ideas, but if you sit and think about how you can be an asset on the LOVE train, then you will find lots of ways to move this forward. Feel free to share your ideas with me as I might want to join you in your desire to bring more love into manifestation. Just put them on my facebook page for all to see to create a big vibration. Let's do this and not let the energy of despair and hate block the goodness that is possible when loving people are activated. Let's make 2017, a year for gratitude and love! Peace and love to you, John

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