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Love begins at "home"

What do you love to do?

What makes your heart come alive?

What's your passion?

Do you have any answers for the questions above? Many of us are too busy getting lost in the frustrations and hopelessness of how everyday life is getting in the way of this. How can I follow my passion when I need to pay the bills? True, I hear you and... Were you put on this Earth to simply pay bills? However important they are to your everyday living, they aren't what will help you get up each and every morning ready to give it your all. You need your love and passion to give you more zest for living. Our culture is so focused on the doing, accumulating and then doing some more that we lose touch with the beauty of simply being....being in the love of what matters. You may have heard the saying that you are a human being not a human doing. It's time to BE more and DO less, which can help you make space to find the answers you seek. I invite you to consider this idea during the month of February (the month of St. Valentine) of giving some equal time to your passions. Here are some ideas to help you: 1. Set aside some time and write out your dream. Let is simply flow without censoring it. What do you want to offer the world? What is its spark for you? Would you like to collaborate with someone to accomplish this and with whom? Get creative and let yourself get lost in the composition. There is now right or wrong way, just your way. It is your dream after all, let it flow. Place these writings somewhere you will see it as an inspiration to move towards. Look at it daily and see what you can do to make it happen, however small. 2. Start to notice who you are spending your time with. Do they support your dreams or do they mock them? If they support them, then spend more time with them, if they don't then spend less time. You are too important to waste a lot of time with people who don't back your reasons for being here on this planet. All love begins with self. Chose love! 3. Create a small daily (ideally) or weekly ritual to honour yourself and your passions. We spend a lot of time in our minds beating ourselves up, now it equal opportunity time to send in the love. This can be accomplished in many ways. You can meditate about the dream, your life and love within it all. You can take some time to do activities that give you joy...spoil yourself. This doesn't need to cost money, just a little time and effort. You can meet friends and new people who share your passion and let yourself be in the flow of positive Qi. Let the main focus be how can I best show love to myself and my passion. Hint - ask the heart. When you live via the heart, you normally don't go wrong. Transformation starts with small steps and before you know it you are looking back at the journey you have taken and are amazed at the process.

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